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Re: Weird thing happened with West Asset Mgmt...

A debt collector is under no statutory obligation to provide debt verification.  It is their right not to respond.  If the DV was timely, their obligation is to desist in any collection on the debt until they decide to provide the requested verification.


They are only required under section 809(b) to obtain verification and mail statement of having obtained such to the consumer.  They are not required to prove the legtimacy of the debt, or provide supporting documentation under the simple provisions of section 809(b).  To assert that they provide more requires an interpretation of section 809(b) that can only be provided by a court determination.


If you consider their verification to be inadequate, that is the same as no verification.  Any statutory violation on their part would occur if and when they resume collection on the debt without providing what you consider to be adequate verification.


If you threaten legal action, it is best to have some statutory support.......