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Re: LVNV Issues
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The scenario, as I understand it, is that the OC charged-off the debt, and then sold it to Arrow. 

Arrow then received a judgment, and thereafter resold the debt to LVNV.

LVNV reported their collection.

LVNV then obtained collection services from Resurgent.


I dont see any substantive issue with LVNV reporting as a factoring company.  A factor is a party who buys delinquent debt for the purpose of collection of the debt.

I see no inaccuracy in their reporting of that fact.  That is apparentl what was done.

LVNV is not required, due to their acquring services of anothe debt collector in their attempts to collect the debt they now own, to delete their prior reporting.

The fact of their collection on their debt remains accurate.


The issue of a judgment is a side-issue.  Whether that is accurate does not alter the fact that LVNV purchased the debt, and is thus entitled to attempt to collect on it, and report that fact to the CRAs.


I dont see any assertion of inaccuracy of the debt itself, or clear disputable inaccuracy in their reporting.