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Re: HELP!!! How to Improve FICO From 711 to 750?

I didn't get you clearly. One of my CC opening/closing date is: 08/19--09/18, payment due date is 10/15, Normally, I pay on or a couple of days before due date, in this case, 10/15. Did you mean I need to pay before 09/18? Then, how can I know how much I should pay?


Yes, we are under a contract, but that is a new house that will be finished in 4-5 months. So we still have a few months to repair our FICO.

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You need to look at your statements it will tell u when the statement cuts. You want to pay all to 0 before thaT DATE WITH ONE CARD ONLY REPORTING LESS THEN 9% OF THAT CARD. iF U CAN DO THAT i PROMISE U YOU WILL HAVE THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST SCORE POSSIBLE. tHEN WHEN REFLECTED IN reports all 3 do a rapid rescore with your lender he will even be surprised!! Let me know how it goes!!Statement cut IE: sept 20,2012-oct 19th 2012 then your statement cuts on the 19th ok?