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Re: Need Advice

Per the FDCPA, you have 30 days to send a DV to the CA in response to their initial collection activity (usually via a dunning letter to you). IMO, it's OK to send a DV post-30 days. You lose the legal oomph within the letter, but most of my CAs responded after having sent out the DV months/years later.


You can't send a PFD if they aren't reporting. You can modify the PFD for a pay-for-not-reporting letter (e.g. I agree to pay $x in exchange for not reporting...please agree to these terms in writing). Is it possible it is too old to report? You can try to pay the settlement, but there's always a risk they'd report $0. However, if not paid they can report anyway. Catch 21.


It's normal for the OC to report as a paid CO. You could try GWing them once the debt is paid.