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Re: Im a newbie! Help me if you can:)

rootpooty wrote:
The Sallie Mae loans are reporting correctly. Your newest collections are hurting your score the most. You didn't list the dates of collections so just letting you know there. Also with having so many accounts in collections you will only see a slight improvement in score with a single deletion.

If you choose not to mess with the accounts that will fall off 6/2013 keep in mind that CA's can still attempt to collect they just can't report it any longer. Have you opted out? If not I would suggest it especially if you are planning a mortgage. Chances are you may have some more unpaid debt that isn't reporting now but will show up during the mortgage process.

Last year I had 6 medical collections. They all refused to do a PFD and the OC wouldn't pull the account back either so I paid the accounts off then got all the accounts deleted via GW. Most of them are a little more lenient towards medical from my experience.

My GF had 10 medical collections and I had all but one removed using a simple letter from the HIPAA process.

You have plenty of time before mortgage and I def would wait until the last min to work on this. Good luck hope all goes well for you and you get your house


Would you be so kind to pm me the letter you used for the Hipaa process? Thanks for all the great advice guys!