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Hi Newbie with some questions on TU and general advice for my situation

Hello! Been lurking here for over an hour a day for the past 3 weeks. very confused on Transunion. In 3 weeks have bumped my EQ score from 614 to 624. Bumped my Ex Plus FAKO score 5 points to 568. Today just checked my transunion here and it fell in 3 weeks from  526 to 519. Trying to figure out why it is so low compared to the others. All the information is about the same on all 3 reports. Just to give some background, Had a ton of large chargeoffs, collections, foreclosure 3 to 5 years ago. Since then reestablished 3 secured cards, 1 unsecured all low limits, all about 3 years perfect payment history. Have 10 year long student loans with perfect payment hIstory I am still paying on. The issue I'm having now is although I have my finances very much in order currently, great job with high income, paid off car, no baddies less than 3 years old, plenty of savings etc., but my reports look so bad with all the old collections, etc. having trouble even renting a decent apartment! Some places refuse me even if I offer to pay the lease in full upfront for 6 months! Trying to get this all cleaned up so I don't have issues living where I want. Don't even really want to mess with credit anymore other than for living arrangements, want to be cash basis so I don't repeat my past mistakes and keep my low limit secured cards just to build scores for future mortgages, hotels, rental cars, etc. Most of my old debt is unpaid and currently outside of SOL but around 40k so it scares people that look at my report which is understandable. Wondering if anyone knows why transunion would be so much lower than EQ with about the same info?  Wonder why EQ score on here is so much better than the other 2? What steps would people recommend to try to get all my scores in the 600s ASAP and make the reports look better for apartments, future mortgage (only future credit I really want) etc. 

Thanks for reading my long post and any advice is appreciated!

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