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Re: HELP!!! How to Improve FICO From 711 to 750?

Look at your statements it will tell you the time frame for that bill.  The ending date is the statement cut date. You need to pay b4 that date to zero except for one card at 9% reporting so if you spend 40% on one card make sure you make a payment that will let the statement reflect 9% or less.  One other thing to keep in mind 4-5 months is a long K time, alot of time for zombie debt collectors to surface be especioally vigilant with your credit reports I would suggest a daily monitoring service. This way if anything pops up it can be dealt with immed. if u can get that vacate on judgement that is major major baddie that will give you a significant score boost. However I would not let the mortgage broker pull your credit again get score through myfico this way u lose no more points for inquires. Just b4 u r about to close let them to a rapid rescore of your credit youll definitley get into the top tier. The reason I say to not pull credit through mortgage. broker is that the day u close u may want to get Home imp. cards and the less inq. the better. If u r still not clear on the cut date thing let us know.

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