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Re: Hi Newbie with some questions on TU and general advice for my situation

Thank you for the response Jamie! Ton of Charge offs, had about 10 for around $40,000 to $50,000 In 2008. DOFD on the mortgage was 3/2008 but the bank did not finalize the foreclosure until 12/2009 which was actually when they Foreclosed. Understand about using the credit to rebuild. Am regularly using and paying my 4 cards with small limits. ($200-$500). I meant, just had no desire to get several large limit cards like I had in the past and blow it. Want to only use large credit in the future for a home purchase when I am able to qualify again, which may be some time. In the meantime, trying to see my best course of actions, with all these large charge offs and collections, that are about 5 years old now. The reports look terrible with these charge offs and collections, but they are older and mostly outside of SOL, have had no new bad activity in over 3 years. Not sure of my best course of action. 

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