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Re: Verizon - I finally pissed them off!
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Verizon really are a PITA to try to deal with. I had a wireless account with them for 3 or 4 years and had a perfect payment history. When I lost my job I got behind on that much like my credit cards and they charged off the account. Was only $138 dollars. 


I've since made arrangement & paid off the debit in full to the collections agency, but Verizion keeps hitting my credit report each month with a fresh "C" for collections asnd then added status of "collection account" instead of "paid" even though I paid the full amount due.  Under creditor's statement they committed "pay under a partial payment agreement" which is a bunch of BS. 


I think I will dispute it for that reason alone as I can show my bank statement for the exact amount that shows on my credit report.



Perhaps it might be good to get a public list of addresses at Verizion that we can also letter bomb them to harass them. Maybe if enough people start doing it they will stop trying to screw people that might get in trouble but then make attempts to fix it.


My account was opened in 2006 & was a good customer with no lates until 2010 when I lost my job.

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