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Accounts I didn't activate are reporting! Please Help?
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I foolishly opened the following cards before doing the proper research/reading the fine print and closed them almost immediately after I read horror stories/saw the fine print. They however showed up on my CR and I need to get them off asap, because they are reducing my avg account age.


  • First Premier CC: Opened one evening, closed the next morning. They hadn't even made/sent the card yet.
  • Applied Bank Secured Card: Closed as soon as I got the card in the mail about a wk later and gott back deposit. Didn't activate the card or make purchases.

So First Premier lied...(surprise!)
They told me to dispute and it would be deleted. I disputed and they verified. I called back and they said that since I paid the application fee the acc was opened and the 1st agent I spoke to was wrong.

No word yet on the Applied Bank dispute but I now have a sinking feeling.....gonna sit tight until they update/delete.


Has anyone had luck removing these types of accounts?

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