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The last ones are always the toughest... need suggestions

Through the help of this board I've been able to tackle my issues.  Aug 2011 my score was in the high 400's (eeek!, I know), I recently just entered the 600's.


When I first started I had upwards of 16 baddies; here's what's left- could use some help on how to continue tackling these:


FPB - CO- $345 balance.  Set to fall off 6/2015

FPB - CO-  $320 Balance.  Set to fall off 8/2015

HSBC - CO - $0 balance.  Set to Fall of mid-2015 (see the pattern here)

Mercantile Adj Bureau (Experian Only) - $345 for old utility bill. Refuses to respond to emails and letters.

3 seperate US Dept of Ed loans- ACS was servicer (they transferred to new servicer).  Consolidated loan then split into 2 seperate loans when they changed their reporting system.


If anyone has any helpful contacts or suggestions- feel free to PM me.  Great team here!  Thanks