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Re: This Board Seems like it's Filled with People That...
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Wow...that was an awesome way to join the forum on your first post. Smiley Indifferent


As many have already stated, many people don't even know that their credit might be trashed.  Sometimes TL's get put on your report that aren't even yours.  Sometimes a creditor reports something wrong.  Sometimes people don't have any bad credit but have lower than expected scores, and they come here and find out that it was thier utilization.  Sometimes people just messed up and didn't pay their bills on time.  Sometimes people just didn't realize that they had the power to fix some of the things listed here.  Sometimes people are in the middle of a mortgage and Mr. Nasty Collection agency had been softing them just waiting for an opportunity to put something on their report so that they will HAVE to pay to get it removed.  


I guess my point is that you don't know exactly what happened so judge ye not.  At least they come here to try to right the wrong.  And it is true that *some* do come here that want a quick fix when they haven't done the right the thing.  But this board is certainly not *filled* with people like that.  After they read here long enough they will figure out that sometimes there isn't an easy fix, other times they find out that it is an easy fix.


Everyone comes here to learn something and if you hang around here long enough, and leave the judgement elsewhere, you too can pick up many golden nuggets and even a higher score.






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