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Re: This Board Seems like it's Filled with People That...
My .02

1) You don't know me or anyone else personally on this forum.
2) You state that "I destroyed my credit fast" like it was something I intended to do or wanted
3) I have no intention of buying a home, car, or any other large purchase RIGHT NOW TODAY, I make a VERY comfortable living, and I'm fully aware of my financial situation.

You didnt offend me or bother me but you should be aware that you make your "Internet self" seem very uneducated and ignorant when you make generalizations and accusations with your first post. It's not a good look Smiley Wink

Btw- my parents died when I was 19 years old and dropped an amount of debt on me that was beyond my salary on top of my own obligations I also battled with serious health issues with my son for 2 years- this is the reason for my bad credit.

And I can promise you I have done my share and yours of hardwork on a daily basis to contribute to "The American way."

That is all Smiley Happy
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