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Chase Success!
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My email to Chase was successful!  A CC account that was supposed to be included in our BK was sold just a few months prior to our filing (we didn't know).  After disputing it online and with the help of our lawyer, they still wouldn't budge.  I finally emailed them asking them to remove it!  It has now been removed from all three CRA for both me and my husband!


I'm freakin' stoked!  It was the last of the baddies except the BK.

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Re: Chase Success!

Very nice!!!  Congrats to you!

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Re: Chase Success!
Yay!!! Love chase so gw friendly congrats!

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Re: Chase Success!
Ahhh! SMH all these chase victories bug me so bad.... I have one 30 and one 60 and now 19 consecutive months on time- and they won't budge with my GW

Who did you email? Can you pm me what you said?
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Re: Chase Success!

good going fuzzybean !


Could you please PM me the Chase contact email ??




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Re: Chase Success!

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Re: Chase Success!

  Wow, fuzzy you are a great dancer!!

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Re: Chase Success!


  Wow, fuzzy you are a great dancer!!

Hahaha!  I was actually doing that around the house earlier!  The kids thought I was nuts at first, then they joined in...though, they had no idea why I was doing the happy dance!


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Re: Chase Success!

Do you still have the contact info of the person you finally got a hold of? Thanks!

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Re: Chase Success!

Did you by any chance get the contact info for Chase?