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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

jmoney3457 wrote:

Hi all, so after sending through PFB and e-mailing (supposedly the CEO & SVP of CS), I got a VM from Vanessa D.  (same lady assigned to me from before) and she said unless I could go through the steps again with their "internet team" and see if it errors out, it stays...I know it won't as I tried it and of course, now it works!  Do you have any other contacts and/or advice? She left me a follow up VM saying decision is unchanged..not sure why they're being so damn difficult about it.  I've read about  a lot of successes.  Maybe I should admit possible fault, but point out all my loyal years of service/payments (former card never late on and current mortgage), and plead for just this one time?

I agree with your last sentence.  Don't place blame on them.  Admit you made a mistake (even if you didn't) and ask for a GW gesture.