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Re: Accounts I didn't activate are reporting! Please Help?



Please critique:



Dear Sir or Madam,


I am writing this letter in order to kindly request your help. I recently canceled a First Premier credit card application in less than 24hrs and did not receive or activate the credit card. 

A FP account  #xxxx has since started reporting to the CRAs. When I spoke to your customer service representative to request a deletion of this tradeline, he told be that it would be removed if I disputed this account with the CRAs, however when I did that, First Premier verified the account.


Since the FP tradeline has started reporting, I have noticed that my credit score is being affected negatively by the addition of this account to my credit report in different ways, since the credit score rating is influenced by the opening of new accounts and by the average age of all accounts, which is in itself affected by opening of new accounts. 

I am kindly asking FP for a courtesy gesture of goodwill to instruct the credit bureaus to remove this charge account, which was opened for less than 24hrs, from my credit reports. 
I would greatly appreciate this deletion as I am currently in the process of trying to rebuild my credit. 

I really appreciate your time and hope to to receive a favorable response soon.

Very Sincerely 

EQ: 679 (Fico)
TU: 683 (Fico)
EX: 682 (FAKO)