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Portfolio Recovery Associate ??? Deleting TL on credit

I have an account with PRA that I have paid in full on January of this year. They have since then reported a 0 balance and in the comments section wrote "paid collection". However, under the type of account it still is listed as open.  The DOFD was 6/06 and I really just want this removed. I would like to know how to get them to report this as closed (& does that matter) or have them delete this all together. This TL is listed as a negative item on my credit report which is certainly hurting me as far as the score goes(I think). I also have the original Bank of America secured CC account on my credit listed as a "charge off" ... These are the only two negative items on my credit and are the from the same account. Is it legal for BOA & PRA to be reporting the same thing... Is there anyway of having BOA and PRA remove these?  




Any help would be appreciated...


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