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Re: Hi Newbie with some questions on TU and general advice for my situation

Well, you really only have 2 directions to choose from.


1. Let everything age off and make sure you stay clean from here on out. Your forclosure will age off 7.5 years after DOFD so that would be 9/2015. Same thing goes for the credit card charge offs. They will probably age off in 2015.


2. Spend a lot of time and money doing PFDs and GWs. Your scores really won't start heading north until you only have about 3 baddies left on your reports. That could be a while and a lot of money later.


Another couple of suggestions and thoughts:


You might want to consider locking your credit reports. Your charge offs represent some serious money and I can't beleive you haven't been sued yet. Collection agencies will soft pull reports that have charge offs to decide if they might want to purchase your debts from your lender. Locking your accounts might stop them from doing this.


Save some money in case you do get sued. Make sure you stop that process as soon as you can if it should happen. Money seems to make these things go away quietly.


You scores won't rise much until you only have maybe 3 or 4 baddies remaining on your reports. Keep up the good credit behavior with your credit cards so once the baddies age off your scores should rocket into the 700s.

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