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Re: Hi Newbie with some questions on TU and general advice for my situation

Thanks, that is good advice. Those were the two general thoughts I had but wasn't sure if my thinking was correct and I appreciate the second perspective.  The unfortunate thing is now that my situation is much improved, I really wouldn't mind trying to settle some of these larger things and pay off some of the smaller ones. I do feel bad about it and obligated from a moral standpoint. From a pure business standpoint it makes no sense. I have already taken the credit hit and suffered the consequences and after almost 5 years only have about 2 years left before they come off. Also the time trying to settle or pay these (not even to mention the money) would be extreme. Wish creditors made it easier to align the moral standpoint with the business / practical standpoint. 


I was a little surprised I didn't get sued either and SOL 4 years here, just recently ran out. Have a ton of creditor,attorney, and collection agency soft pulls and hard pulls on my reports. I think one reason they didn't sue is since I had so much debt and negs on the reports maybe figured I was a dry well. Also, and I didn't plan this, but I work out of home and always used a UPS Store postal box as my mailing address since my job frequently ships me expensive items that I am not always home to get right away. When I foreclosed I moved into a friends home and rented from him. Kept the UPS store as my mailing address, all utility bills etc. not under my name. I might have been too hard to find to sue, although again that was unplanned. 


Thanks again for your response, I am vowing to managing my credit responsibly from here on out and generally not buy things I can't afford to pay cash for. 

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