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Re: This Board Seems like it's Filled with People That...

I think the OP seems to just assume that because someone is a new poster, that it means they must have just started trying to fix their credit. 


Personally, I was approved for a mortgage back in 2008-09 but I decided to hold off because the real estate market was just way too high and there were already a ton of short sales on the market. It just didn't seem like the right time to buy and Im' sure as hell glad I waited.


I ended up holding off and lost my income the following year for about 6 months which is what screwed my credit. I had to put buying a house on the back burner as my income had changed and my credit was pretty screwed. I am in a bit of a rush to buy now, as I'm back in good shape as far as my income and the type of housing I'm trying to buy has been steadily rising the last 4 to 6 months in my area. 


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