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Re: Hi Newbie with some questions on TU and general advice for my situation

Thanks. I like the idea of cleaning it up and not worrying about the scores so much right now. TU and EQ are both Ficos that I ordered right here on this site yesterday. Looking at it again I may have found the problem. Although all the TL information is similar TU in the score simulator is saying I'm behind on payments right now. EQ is saying I'm current on  payments right  now. Depends on the definition of current. My reestablished secured cards are all current for the last 3 years. All my old collections and JDB accounts from 4 years ago are deliquent. im guessing EQ considers the old stuff not currently deliquent and TU considers the old stuff currently deliquent.  


So that my head doesn't start spinning ill take your advice and not worry about it for now until I start cleaning stuff up.  Thanks again



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