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Re: Accounts I didn't activate are reporting! Please Help?

I'll throw out there that it'll be a long shot to get it deleted, or at least based on others' attempt in the past. I don't know what it did to your FICO scores. If these were your only two CCs you probably would have seen a large increase followed by a decrease once closed. If you have other open CCs, they probably are a score drain due to the new credit and impact to AAoA. While they'll hurt now, your scores will rebound in a few months (assuming they hurt it) and/or you'll see gradual increases over the next few months as these closed accts age. Your score will fully rebound inside 6-12 months and it'll continue to help as it gets older (assuming you apply for new credit in the future). In other words, if I had it, I'd let it age and it'll disappear around the 10-yr mark.


I'll agree that these are crappy cards because of their fees, rates, and low limits. However, if you search anything, like 'Apple' or 'Microsoft', you'll find that these are scams too (or so says the WWW). The internet is the digital bathroom walls of society. Anyone can say anything. You'll find similar comments about other CCs like Amex, Discover, CapOne (most def!), and so on. Don't base a decision on others' experiences. Make a judgment call on your own. I'd wait it out credit-wise for a few months. If you don't have any CCs, then try adding a secured CC from somewhere.