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Re: This Board Seems like it's Filled with People That...

Mr. Perfect,

Maybe you've had a job for the rest of your life with no layoffs; the economy didn’t affect you, all I could say is good for you. When we say the economy lost 4 million jobs you should remember its people with bills, family, house and FICO scores. Does that mean we cannot pick up from where life and the economy put us NO.? We get up and we show the American spirit of fighting and rebuilding. Maybe no one in your household ever got sick or had emergencies, good for you. My 50 cents is most of us are here not because we want to or do not know how to manage our finances. Yes! some may want it now, but only because they were shocked in the process of making a big purchase and if you look closely most of us have long term plans and been here for 2 years or more, NOTE: before we actually join the board some of us have been lurking and reading up for months.  Mind you, one cannot post here unless they join; So Generalization is not the way to start as a newbie. So go drink Soda and be happy.

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