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Re: Does anyone know if credit sesame is accurate?

CreditSesame wrote:

Hello everybody, I work for Credit Sesame and wanted to let you know that we use a score known as the Experian National Equivalency score. This score comes directly from Experian and is intended to give you an overvall view of your credit standing. Considering there are 49 FICO scores available, it is rare any two scores will be the same. 


Instead of viewing only the score, we recommend also viewing the category your score falls in (Fair, Good, Excellent etc.) to get a better understanding of your credit rating.


Feel free to use me as a resource for any Credit Sesame related questions. 

The quesiton was; how accurate is the score?


FICO scores, are used by lenders. Can you point out a lender that uses the Experian National Equivalency score?


The score provided is not used by any lender and should be used for educational purpose, and therefor, has a 0 percent accuracy in my estimation because it used by 0 percent of lenders. 


While it is true that there are 49 FICO scores, less than 10 are used on a regular basis, and a small amount of education will help you make decisions on which FICOs are most used and in what terms.


I don't think the question was is Credit Sesame a worthwhile site, or if you should use it to vaguely guage credit worthiness. On this forum,  a Fico forum, when people ask if a score is accurate,  they are comparing it to a FICO.



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