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Re: LVNV Issues

Ok, I checked out the records at the courthouse. I found the original Judgement but I also found some other information. Arrow (previous creditor) was awarded the default judgement.

Document #1- Final Judgement Execution Withheld
Document #2- Final Judgement Execution Withheld (Same as 1st)
Document #3- Order For Execution
Document #4- Final Judgement Of Garnishment
Document #5- Satisfaction Of Final Judgement Of Garnishment

This is the statement from the last document. Can anyone tell me what this means?

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS. That the undersigned, the owner and holder of that certain final judgement of garnishment rendered in the above-captioned civil action, dated ********, against the Garnishee therein, recorded in the ****** County official records does hereby acknowledge full payment and satisfaction thereof and hereby consent that the same shall be satisfied of record.

WITNESS my hand and seal this ____ day of __________ 20__.

Also, the BBB stated the account would be deleted but I have not seen that stated by LVNV anywhere. I think they just misread a reply, unless they are sent something in addition to what was forwarded to me.