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Re: MCM is getting nervous I think, but still jerks

Rule number 1 in negotations when you have the upper hand - never accept the first offer.

Rule number 2 in negotations when you have the upper hand - always make a counter offer for way more than what you realisitcally would expect.

Rule number 3 in negotiations when you have the upper hand - never talk about fight club.



I agree go back with a counter offer for 150% of what you expect to get if you won a court case, PLUS all legal fees, PLUS a formal written apology, and in return you would write a letter stating that you would consider this matter closed.


If you have a slam dunk case, I wouldn't accept anything less than 100% plus attorneys fees if you sign a confidentiality agreement of any sorts....because if it goes to trial, you win - you DON'T have to keep your mouth shut as everything would be public record. But you better make sure you have all your Ts crossed and Is dotted....

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