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Help me with this...

My credit report looks like this.. 


Closed Accounts


Capital One Bank 

Date opened 5.3.2007

Balance $0.00

Date Reported 12.9.2011

Status Charge- Off

Date of major delinquency first reported 2.2008

Date of first delinquency 7.2007

Type - Credit Card


LVNV Funding LLC

Date opened 12.30.2011

Date Reported 9.9.2012

Date major delinquency first reported 4.2012

Date of first delinquency 7.2007

Type - Factoring Company Accound (debt buyer)


Can both of these accounts be reported like this? Since Cap1 is still reporting, would I have better luck getting pfd with them? Should I send to both and see what happens?