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Crescent City Collections-GW Backfired!!!
Hi~I am new to the boards as in my first post but I've been following all the good advice so far in an effort to rebuild my credit. I had an old collection account for a $99 medical bill in 2006. DOFD was 2007. I paid the collection item in full in 2008 and the collection agency marked it "paid" and reported it with a zero balance. I sent a goodwill letter which explained why I couldn't pay at the time and hoped for removal thru goodwill adjustment. Sent the letter on 10/3. Today I check my report and saw that my score dropped 41 points on equifax!!!! What!!! Turns out they weren't initially listed on equifax so instead of them removing from my report they added it there which dropped me! Talk about discouraged!!! Now I'm scared to continue the goodwill process on the rest of my accounts. I could really use some advice and for someone to talk me off the ledge Smiley Sad (not literally but you know). I just don't know where to go from here. Sheesh!

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