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Collection Removed then Re-Added
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In 2010, I disocvered a $64 unpaid collection account from Qwest on my credit report. I still have my old credit report from when I discoverd this, and on that report it showed the "date last active" of June 1, 2008. I disputed it on my reports, which went nowhere. Contacted the collection agency directly and asked them to verify the debt. Apparently they couldn't so it was removed from all 3 reports.  


Well, fast forward to July 2012. I got a letter from one of the bureaus saying something negative was now on my report. Checked my report and sure enough, there is now a $64 unpaid collection account from Century Link (they took over Qwest recently) assigned to a collection agency (EOS). It says "date opened" of 3/2012 and "reported since 5/2012". 


I don't think I owe Qwest/Century Link $64, which is why I disptued it in the first place. That being said, I did have an account with Qwest in 2008, but have not had an account with Qwest or Century Link since. I'm pretty sure this is the same $64 collection that was removed. I disputed the Century Link collection account a few months ago with the 3 bureaus directly, which didn't help. 


I vaguely remember the first collection agency sending me a letter saying they couldn't verify it. I kept it but now can't find it Smiley Sad   


Do you think it's worth mentioning to the new collection agency that I've already disputed what I think is the same collection account and that couldn't be verified in 2010? Any general advice would be appreciated. Thank you. 



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