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Shot to pieces in just 6 months...
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Hello everyone, I'm new.


As recently as April of this year, I was sitting relatively pretty at 611 on EQ. I was entering into a relationship that I had no idea what was going to happen, and I ended up paying for absolutely everything and didn't have anything left to pay my own bills. I have a car loan ($200), two unsecured loans ($150 and $120), and three credit cards, two of which have a limit of $500 or less, the other is $1000. Combined util is 89% on those. I snapped out of it and broke free in late July, but by that time, *everything* was either 2 or 3 months behind and I had 3 payday advances open. 2 are remaining (one for $635 and the other for about $800) as of today.  Today, I got a notice from Score Watch that says my old cable bill went into collections and my score dropped another 38 points to a 427. I did not think it could go any lower. Probably going to attempt at PFD for it since it's new and it's only for $164 and change.


Since August I've been current on my credit cards, but they haven't reported since last delinquency.


So question...if I remain on-time with my credit cards / loans, can I "force" the issue by asking them to do a "manual" report that I'm current, or is there a minimum time that must be waited out first?


I can't wait to climb back out of the cellar. I'm pulling in about $1600 every 2 weeks, but it seems like the hits keep on coming.  It sure seems like it's harder after starting to catch up because more seems to come up.


TU: 483 Auto loan pull 9/2012
EQ: 427 ScoreWatch 10/2012