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Re: This Board Seems like it's Filled with People That...

HappySoda wrote:


...need to buy a house TOMORROW! I've been lurking for just a while and I am having trouble comprehending how people want to buy a house right now but are so out of touch with their finances that they are on a credit rebuilding forum asking for advice about things they should have handled months or years ago. These are things you should know 2 years before you start thinking about buying a house.  The sense of urgency here is really a bit of madness. You didn't rush when you destroyed your credit did you but now you want to have an instant 780 score? This seems to be the American way - to want everything right now.


My personal advice would be to take a deep breath and re-assess your situation. If you have a bunch of bad stuff on your credit file, maybe you need to stop and re-think what you're doing. I know this may be unpopular opinion here especially for a first post, but this forum reeks of desperate people whose only downfall is that they don't have any patience to rebuild what they took years to destroy. Have some patience people and the good credit will come. Pay your bills on time and all will not be lost.

Well; there are some intelligent observations here but I would throw a couple things at you:


1. The main reason people are in such a hurry to buy now is because rates are lowest they have ever been and prices for homes are at the rock bottom. Why WOULDN'T you be in a hurry to purchase a home, mind you, if you can AFFORD to?


2. You assume everyone destoryed their own credit. This isn't true always. Me? I definitely destroyed my own credit and have paid dearly for it.


3. I had 'a bunch of bad stuff' on my credit file. All of it was from years ago, I haven't had a new negative or deliquent account in over 4 years. Just because it took me awhile to get moving on paying things back and repairing the damage doesn't mean I am currently a deadbeat. Alot of people on this forum are in similar situations.


4, This specific forum is for exactly what you described while lurking. This is the rebuilding forum. People here are rebuilding. It is no different than a weightloss forum. You have desperate people who are at the end of their rope, and then people who lurk and bad mouth them and say its all their fault for their obesity. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't but pointing out the fact is stupid, we all know why were are here. There are other forums here with no rebuilders.



I spent a lot of time on this forum, because this forum helped me. I did everything you said I shouldn't be doing; I rebuilt fast, from scratch raised my scores, took advantage of this housing market, I didn't do so frantically, it took me about 18 months, but there are things and steps people can do to get a faster start and the education in here is worth dealing with the sometimes overzelous posters. 



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