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Re: Disputed collection gone, will it reappear??

kobe2012 wrote:
A collection account appeared on my report last month and i disputed it three weeks ago.. It got deleted on my transunion and my fako increased 30 points!!!! My real TU fico here was 658 last august before the collection showed up and am hoping its higher than that now.... my question is, would this collection reappear again in the future??? I cant believe a collection account would weigh so much in scoring...

First off, collections are major negatives and thus drops your score big time. Any and all collections will impact your score, and if you only have one, it will impact it a ton.


If the collection reappears with the same CA, they would be required to submit documentation supporting the reinsertion, and the CRAhas to notify you within 5 days.


If a NEW CA obtains its, they have to follow the same FDCPA and FCRA statutes as any newly listed collection, so if it is unpaid, then yes it can (and often will) come back...



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