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Re: Will raising my CL on my secured card raise my credit score ?

pat0812 wrote:

I have 3 credit cards. one of them is a wells fargo $300 secured

If i raise it to $5000 will it raise my fico score ?


my UTI is already under 9%, so raising the CL will keep it under 9%, but my question is if the only thing what affects the score is the UTI vs the CL or does having big limits by itself raises your fico score ?

I agree with Shogun. If your til is under 9percent, it likely wont do much but will look better once you graduate to unsecured cards.


The question really is, can that 4700 dollars be applied somewhere else to make your rebuild go faster? I think 5k on a secured card is probably overkill, but YMMV



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