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Slow but steady wins the race

I am so thankful for all of the information I have learned here. I started off with 4 baddies on my CR and have since PIF on all of them. Once those updated my TU Fico score went from a 622 to a 659 which is not great, but it's a start. Since then I was added on as an authorized user to a CC with a limit of $700 with a UTI of 8% as of yesterday and I also am a joint account on our auto loan. I only had 1 hard inquiry on my CR that is due to fall of in Dec 2012. Well this morning I decided to go ahead and give USAA Rewards Card a shot and applied not expecting to see what I wanted. Well imagine the shock and grin on my face when they approved me for a CC with a limit of $1500. I know it's not huge, but I'm not looking for huge, I'm looking for the overall rewards by going slow and building myself back up. We are not looking to purchase a home until we get to our next assignment in 2 years, so I know that if I keep up the good work, we should have no problems of attaining that goal. Thank you to everyone who contributes here on a daily basis, your experiences and knowledge and helped me so much!