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Re: What I am working on Now
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Sorry for this but if I write it down, I usually stick to my game plan better so here goes:


Paying off 50% of my Util this month they all will be paid to ZER0 by the end of NOV except my cap 1

which I put my dog's food on each month that is 15.00, I suck at calculating Util but I don't think

15.00 on 900.00 will be a huge hit and hurt my scores too much.


Hopefully I will see a decent score increase next month when they report

both TU and EX are over 600 hoping EQ will follow along soon Smiley Happy


Got a cap 1 secured card in Jan and they gave me a nice little $200.00 credit line increase a couple months ago


Putting about 550.00 a month into savings for rainey days so I have something to fall back on so my bills won't get behind.


I still have that one baddie on my report that will fall off in 2015 but with it's age it is doing less damage, when I started rebuilding


thanks to a divorce I had a total of 22 med collections and 18 other collections for a total of 40 but thanks to PFD and DV letters I am down


to that one lonely collection.


A repo from 2007 that was on EX is gone don't know why but is is GONE... Smiley Very Happy


I am not gonna apply for any new credit until the end of 2013.



Thanks for all the help and advice I have gotten here








Starting Score: 377EQ/350EX/400TU As of 11/2011
Current Score: 620EQ/614EX/612TU As of 01/2013
Goal Score: 700+ across the boards