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Re: C/O's disappeared

MrChairman wrote:

I am in the process of helping my wife fix her credit. We sent several GW letters and PFD letters. Upon sending these letters and disputing some innacurate information like balances ect, all of the C/O's disappeared except for one. My questions are:


1. Will the CA readd the accounts to her credit report

2. How long will it take until they find out that they have been removed from her report

3. They're unpaid. Should we just pay them before they're added back to her reports?

4. Do lates on a fully paid off account hurt at all (i.e auto loan had several lates but we paid it off last month)


Were looking to apply for a mortgage within the next 45-60 days so any information would be greatly appreciated.

1. They can readd it, but if it was removed via dispute they have to provide additional documentation to the CRA, and the CRA has to notify you within 5 days they are reinserting the information. Reinserting isn't as simple as it seems for a CA or an OC -- an if the OC has sold the debt; they might not even wanna deal with it anymore.


2. They may never find out, if they didn't respond to the dispute. The CRA won't send them a report or anything like that. 


3. Paying them now would likely readd them to the report in my opinion.


4. Yes, they still hurt.

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