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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...
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You've had some tough times, but the silver lining to that black cloud is it sounds like you have some good steady income rolling in to help you get things sorted out.


I'm guessing you got the typical terrible interest rates on those payday loans. Pay those off as soon as you possibly can - those companies will bleed you dry down to your last pint of blood.


I might even hold off on the PFD on the cable bill collection if it means you can pay down more of those loans. Worry about your score later; right now, the interest on your debts is going to make it hard for you to get your head above water. Stop the bleeding first, then repair the wounds.


As for getting the creditors you are current with to resume reporting, I'd try the carrot before I tried the stick. In other words, instead of looking for how to "force" them to report, call and ask them politely to report your current status to all 3 credit bureaus. Let them know you've had some tough times and you've been working hard to honor your debts, and please could they help you in making sure your report reflects that hard work?


I've had great success with politeness, even with companies notorious for poor customer service (e.g. Bank of America). 


You have the cashflow to eventually get everything in order, so now it is just a matter of applying your money carefully in the places where it will do the most good for your situation. Hang in there!!

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