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Re: Shot to pieces in just 6 months...

More information would help. Who are these loans and companies with? What are the interest rates on all of these invidual things? The payday loans probably have sky high interest rates, and you are probably just paying interest monthly. 


Tell us about who the cable company is, have you gotten any notice from any collection agency?


You cannot "force" anyone to remove any of the bad information if it is accurate. Some places are far more generous in goodwill deletions then others, so it will help again, if you list them. 


You may also be able to call and ask for a lower interest rate.


At this point, like an earlier poster said, stop the bleeding first.


Start paying down the principles on the credit cards. That will save you money, and will increase your scores significantly alone.


Chin up, that recent collection, and the recent lates are having a major drag on your score. If you get the collection off, and pay on time, that alone will heal some of the hurt.