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Re: Delinquent account

bettercreditguy1 wrote:

One thing to remember. As the market changes. You may move or need to change back to them or an affiliate some time. Your best bet is to take care of the debt so you never need to worry about it coming back to haunt you.

Words of wisdom!


Also about SOL, make sure you check SOL in your state. Just because its off your reports does not mean its not within SOL - RI's SOL is 10 years for contractual debts - so in essence it could be off your reports for 2.5 years and they still have the right to whack you with a suit.


Granted there are other states where its only 5. So before you do ANYTHING except for PIF, make sure you find out what the SOL is.


Don't even try to settle on it for anything less than 100% unless you are for certain its 100% out of SOL. There have been people on here who tried to PFD with a lesser amount and then they got slapped with a suit for the full amount. Tred lightly till you are certain its out of SOL - don't want to wake the sleeping bear.


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