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Newbie here...Needing a great deal of help



I am so glad to have found this forum that I have had little sleep.  I want to begin the road to credit recovery...TODAY!


I am thoroughly embarrassed about my circumstance, but no more it is high time to get things in gear.  Let me state that I had started the process and was well on my way at least 6 years ago, but I was in school and had to move and well life happened. 


Most of my report reads from my Student Loans.


I have 2 accounts that I'm currently concerned with that were closed and CO but, I'm still receiving correspondence to settle.  Is that right?  I'm scared that if I do, that will reopen and then they will stay on my CR much longer.


Okay I have a couple CA accounts for these same to CC accounts...what should I do?


Next question..Should I work on getting the CA accounts removed before applying for a secured card or do I leave them until after?


Thank you for your help.  *Remember I'm a NewBEE so I am not yet acclimated to the Proper Forum Etiquette*  Smiley Happy

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