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Re: Newbie here...Needing a great deal of help

Welcome to the forum and do not be embarrassed. A lot of us have been in simialr situations and slowly climbing the ladder of credit recovery.

First things it to get familiar with a lot of the teminology thrown around here. Next you need to work with the Collection Agencies (CA) and try and offer them Pay for Delete letters (PFD), a lot of them just want to make some money on the debt and would most likely accept. Some of them may prove stubborn but do not let that deter road to recovery is a long one but not an impossible one. You should look to find a local credit union to establish yourself with, one that would be willing to open a secured credit card and possibly a secured loan. You want to start having positive credit lines reporting. If you have not burned capital one in the past you could see if you are pre-qualified for one of their cards before applying. Good luck on your road to recovery and keep us posted on your progress.

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