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Re: This Board Seems like it's Filled with People That...

KnewBee wrote:


Yes I understand both point of views. I always prided myself in having great credit, a high income, and a lot of nice things. I was even a bit of a high rolling snob right up until the economy tanked, my income dropped in half and I could no longer pay all of my bills. Now that I understand what it feels like to be treated like a second class citizen by potential landlords, potential employers, and creditors. I am a much more humble and wiser person. 




Had to live both sides of it to understand both point of views.

I feel like you were writing about me. I was flying fast like a jet doing mark 3. Things were great for years then... the money refueling plane stopped coming around. The tanks ran dry and I fell out of the sky. Toss in a company closing, divorce and ex-wife that lied to get every penny I didn't have, I had to start at the bottom and work up again. I'm making progress, scores are climbing, finances are getting better, the ex isn't as money hungry and overall... I'm much happier. 


Most of us want to snap our fingers and have scores in the 750+ range if we're rebuilding. We do what we can to make it happen and learn while we do it. 

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