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Re: Is Transunion 644 a good credit score?

LoveGoodCredit wrote:

I checked it on here in the beginning and it was very close.   I am going to try to get more points too.  I am stuck with the 4 collections till I can afford the PFD.  Once I get the money for that it should be okay.  Right now I am paying down credit card and each month I make an ontime payment on my car it seems the points go up like 4 points.  Plus I have some inquiries coming offf.  I got 65 points this month on TU, almost 50 on Experian and 15 on equifax.  They hate me tho.

What are your plans to raise your score?

Is the score on here always different thatn what TU offers?

That's awesome!!!!   Don't worry about EX, they hate me too.  Keep cleaning those CRs!

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