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Any suggestions?

I'm looking for suggestions on how to get my score to increase, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  My scores in August were Experian 512, Equifax 562, and Transunion 590 these are from a mortgage pull.  Since those scores, I have had a foreclosure removed from my Experian, and a recent 30 day late removed from all three reports.  The crazy part is that my scores did not go up from having the 30 day late removed, nor the foreclosure removed from Experian.  I want to purchase a home so I’m really trying to get my scores up.  I paid a tax lien off in June 2012 and my score dropped 90 points.  The lien was from 2009, I thought it would give me points.  I have several collections left and all of them fall off the beginning of 2014.  I’m scared that if I start to pay those, my scores will drop even more.  I have two First Premier accounts that are charge offs that are being considered in my utilization according to My Fico simulator.  None of the collections are willing to do PFD, I have tried.