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Re: CreditKarma is killing me!

To try to answer OPs original question as simply as possible with out getting too wordy, here are some oversimplified examples of how your score would affect your rates at my company.


Best Driver and best score= lowest rate these customers as a group would have the lowest amount of claims.


Best Driver and worst score = second lowest rate as this group would have slightly more claims than the above.


Worst driver and worst score = worst rate as this group would have the most claims.


Worst driver and Best score = second worst rate as these drivers as a group would have slightly less claims the the above group.


Even as a biased Insurance person, my preference would be that insurers did not use credit. I would prefer only creditors used credit not insurers or employers.


For insurance, because there are so many price points it is never possible to know exactly how your score affects your price. Just generally know that a better score will generally get you a cheaper rate, and like my momma told me, you'd better shop around!!!!

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