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Re: EOS CCA Contact Information Please

daisy27 wrote:

I know that I'm the millionth person to request this, but Scott could you please send me the contact information for EOS-CCA? I check my credit report on a daily basis because I am also trying to rebuild my credit so that I can purchase a home, and, lo and behold, a brand new $927 collection fee from this agency was posted that was not there yesterday and my credit report dropped 15 points overnight. I have received no correspondence from them and have no knowledge of any account that I may have had that would have gone to them. Not only that, but I've been in a credit counseling/repayment program for over a year and all of my debts have been addressed through that program. I really hope that this can be resolved because it's a huge blow after trying for so long to straighten my credit out.


Thank you!

Seems like EOS-CCA is ramping up some of their collection efforts because I have sent these contacts to over 15 people in last 2 weeks, after going the last couple months sending it out a few times.. its okay; people have reported back to me the contacts are still working so I will still send em!


Check your pm!



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