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Re: sneaky little bastard Medicredit ...

Why was it deleted?  Did you make a prior dispute, and deletion occured because they did not provide verification of the disputed information?


If deleted as a result of a dispute, then it cannot be reinserted until they have first provided verification of its accuracy to the CRA by way of a Certification of Accuracy pursuant to FCRA 611(a)(5)(b).  Otherwise, reinsertion is barred.


If they complied by providing the Certification of Accuracy to the CRA, and the CRA accepted it and reinserted the previously deleted information, the CRA is required to provide the consumer notification of their reinsertion within 5 business days.  If you received no notice from the CRA that they received and accepted a Certification from the furnisher, then either the furnisher did not comply with their requirement to provide that certification to the CRA, or the CRA did not comply with their requirement to notify you of their reinsertion.


First, was it clearly deleted based on lack of verification in a prior dispute?  If yes, then I would send the CRA a formal complaint for their lack of compliance with section 611(a)(5)(B), and demand its immediate deletion.  I would handle as an FCRA violation by the CRA rather than through the dispute of accuracy until you have evidence of the process followed.