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Re: EOS CCA Contact Information Please



This is my first post and thought I'd share my experience, I too am looking to rebuilt my credit and was doing good until this weekend EOS CCA reported and dropped me about 30 points. So this morning I called the number that showed on The call went to their medical collections in Texas, they sent me to someone else who made the comment that he has been getting many calls about this lately and he wouldn't be able to get my account number. I asked very politely that I just wanted to take care of the debt if it was mine (ATT it was mine) so he attempted to pull my account....


.... Fast forward to person number 6 who wanted to make a deal, I asked very very nicely that I would like a letter stating they would remove all information from EX, EQ, TU she said she would. I asked for a letter, she said they are a reputable business for the last ?? Years and she was not going to Lie and she would do it....


.... Fast forward after 10 minutes going back and forth I spoke to her supervisor who agreed to email me a letter stating that upon payment they would delete any information reported to EX, EQ, TU. He let me stay on the line while I read it and then paid for it.


Point of my story that it does seem like they are taking a lot of new calls and if you get the wrong department they are quick to say and tell you to call ATT or Verizon. 


Sorry for the long story but just wanted to share.