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Re: LVNV multiple Tradelines best approach
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I found this forum while doing some research on lvnv.  I have sent them request after request and they kept reaging the account and then they kept transfering it to another one of their companies.


They are trying to collect on a First Premiere Bank Visa that is 6 years old and another visa card.  I found that both cards had arbitration clauses.  I paid the money to invoke the arbitration and they never responded. 


I filed suit last week against LVNV Funding and Resurgent Capital and Sherman Companies. 


LVNV isn't new at this.  There is currently a lawsuit that is pending against them for listing themselves as an "Orginal Creditor".  They tried to have it dismissed and the courts ruled against them. 


From my experience, the only thing that they have listened to is my court filing.  All of a sudden I found myself saying... Can you hear me now?


The amount of debt I have is under $1000.00 total with them and it is out of the Statute of Limitations.  They even told me it was past the SOL but they keep making it so it won't come off my credit.