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Cap One Platinum w/ Rebuilding

Hey guys, I know it's been discussed at length that it's not a card that grows with you, but does anyone have an idea of the true ceiling of this card?  Almost exactly one year ago I started out on a pre approved offer w/ $500 limit.  It had as one of the conditions an automatic CL increase and 0 APR for a year.  Fast forward 6 months, and they gave me the auto increase to $750 (Not as much as I was hoping for, but I was still pretty low in the credit department so whatever works)  Fast forward another 6 months, and I call in to request another CL increase to no avail.  Has anyone managed multiple CL increases?  Does anyone know if this has the ability to be higher than 1k? 1.5k? 2k?  I'm waiting until next year to add another card to my portfolio, when I assume I'll be able to get a prime card, so I'm just trying to improve what I can for now on this. 


Any idea what goes into their formula for CL approvals? 

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